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Rosette has been a constraint to the production of groundnut in the existing farming system which contributes to the poor productivity of this crop. This trial was conducted in the screen-house of IITA Kano station, Nigeria to screen some groundnut varieties to rosette disease. The following parameters were measured during the trial such as chlorophyll content, plant vigor, disease incidence,50% day to flower and grain yield. Section 4 Genitourinary System: Gillian, A 23 Year Old Receptionist with Frequency, Dysuria and Haematuria. Requests an Aids Test. Suprapubic Pain and Haematuria in Gavin, A 35 Year Old Sales Executive. A 42 Year Old Solicitor, Has a Lump on His Penis. Section 5 Skin and Mucous Membranes: Howard, A 10 Year Old Boy with Scaly Skin Lesions. A 42 Year Old Accountant with a Red Painful Eye. Malanga D, Scrima M, De Marco C, Fabiani F, De Rosa N, De Gisi S, Malara N, Savino R, Rocco G, Chiappetta G, Franco R, Tirino V, Pirozzi G and G Viglietto. A stendra Fluidic Motherboard for Multiplexed Simultaneous and Modular Detection in Microfluidic Systems for Biological Application. Gerardo Perozziello, Giuseppina Simone, Patrizio Candeloro, Francesco Gentile, Natalia Malara1, Rosanna Larocca, Marialaura Coluccio, Salvatore Andrea Pullano1, Luca Tirinato Oliver Geschke and Enzo Di Fabrizio. In collaboration with ASP of Crotone. Lucia Santoro, Valentina Trunzo, Cinzia Raso, Maria Renne, L aura Roveda, Ela Yanda, Teresa Oranges, Iolanda Sacco, Natalia Malara, Ubaldo Prati and Vincenzo Mollace. First International Conference Early Cancer Detection: ENVIRONMENT BIOMARKERS AND MECHANISMS Squillace May 15-17, 2010..